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Come Alive In Your Identity As A Confident Superwoman.

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Is There Life After Motherhood?

From the Desk of Stephanie Hirsch.   Author, Speaker, Business Coach, Entrepreneur, Toddler Mom

Stephanie - Founder of Moms Wear Capes

Founder of Moms Wear Capes

YES! And now more than ever, mothers can unleash their passion, purpose, and identities as Superwoman…

Hi, I’m Stephanie, founder of Moms Wear Capes.

You always hear women say, “oh I had these big dreams… But then I got pregnant.” Well, that was me, too. And I never thought it would be…

When I became a mom I felt as isolated and exhausted as I’ve ever been. What’s more, it felt like all my dreams had flown out the window, never to return.

I wasn’t just tired… I’d become codependent, depressed, moody and irritable.

More than anything in the world as a new mom I wanted a community. I wanted to sink my teeth into a mission and an identity beyond nap times and diaper changes.

But I didn’t want to join some network marketing scheme selling beauty products or essential oils and giving 90% of my commissions to some corporate fat cat.

The worst part of my new Motherhood journey was that when I finally did make “mom friends”, they were all trying to sell me some miracle product with sleazy advertisements and videos.

And the worst part? I knew they weren’t making good money to promote their snake oils… almost NONE of them do! (1) It was devastating.

When my son was about two years old my divorce drove me across the country to start a new life as a single mom. I found myself in Austin, Texas; land of the female entrepreneur and startup capital of the country. (2)

To put it lightly, I was floored with what MOMS were doing to make six-figure incomes working on flexible schedules from home… even with toddlers.

In Austin, I met some of the most personally fulfilled, professionally lucrative, and self-expressed Moms I’d ever met.

Finally, it appeared as though there was a place where moms were uniting to become more successful, together.

How Our Moms Turned Their Wildest Dreams Into Reality

For instance,

  • One mom took her passion for numbers and finance to grow a plumbing company from $400 to over $400,000 in revenue in just 14 months. Her son is only three years old.
  • Another mommy turned her “side hustle” of into a half-million dollar a year business that’s recently gone nationwide. She’s the breadwinner in her family… An accomplished business woman… A brilliant boss with dozens of contractors… And a mother of a two year old.
  • One mommy took her passion for skincare to market when she developed beauty products that are already in two million homes… in just two years! Her son is still under three years old.
  • Another mommy turned her lifestyle into a movement that has become the largest Paleo conference in the world.
  • One woman turned a passion for music into a record label, nationwide distribution of songs she’s written, music videos, and television appearances. What’s more, her program for helping children develop self-esteem is now used across the entire state of Texas, and they’re poised to go nationwide. She’s a mom of two young girls.
  • Still another mom started a business using her gift of storytelling to create a six-figure writing business in only seven months. She’s so well-respected now that Ariana Huffington personally responds to her emails! Her child is under two years old.
  • A love of coffee drove one mom to start a coffee company earlier this year that’s already grossing over $10k a month. She has three young children and one is under two years old.
  • Another mommy is taking the personal development world by storm, gearing up to travel nationwide speaking about love and relationships. She’s been raking in four-figures for each five-week coaching session in her mommy personal development group and has two children under age 7.
Make Your Wildest Dreams Into Reality
This mom is taking the personal development world by storm!
Still another mom started a business using her gift of storytelling to create a sex-figure business
This mom turned her side hustle of insto a half-million dollar business

This mom turned her mission into a movement that has become the largest paleo conference in the world
This mom turned a passion for music into a record label
This mom took her passion for skincare to market when she developed beauty products that are already in two million homes

This mom is an award winning broadcast news director and reporter, and speaker
This mom took her passion for numbers to grow a plumbing company
This mom took her gift of story telling to create a six-figure writing business.

We Discovered How Moms Can Live Their Dream Lives…

There are many more stories just like this in the Moms Wear Capes program but what you’ll notice is that each one of these stories is VERY unique.

What’s unique about the Moms Wear Capes experts is the range of businesses they run. Unlike other Entrepreneur Training programs, Moms Wear Capes is NOT just for people who want to thrive in online businesses.

I wondered… how could I get in on THAT?

These women were truly living the dream that every mom has: to be an amazing mom while still contributing to something bigger than themselves…

… And making good money to do it! (3)

Using my contacts from many years in publishing, I began collecting these “superwomen” and filming them sharing their secrets of success. THIRTY women showed up to share their secrets with me.

What we developed is called Moms Wear Capes.

It’s a private vault of training that will help mothers shape the future of their families, and the world at-large.

Moms Wear Capes is the most authoritative Mommy Development Program program around.

Moms Wear Capes is THE place where women can reconnect with their passion, purpose, identity and mission post-motherhood.

And now, we’ve packaged all our training in one place.

We call it “Superwoman School”.

“What These Women Shared Didn’t Just Transform My Heart: It Saved My Life!”

  • I began noticing signs and signals all over my life; it was like suddenly the entire world was conspiring to make me MORE successful in life, love, and business.
  • My relationships began to transform, I was free of guilt from my divorce and busy manifesting the most loving men and women into my life to form a tribe around me and my son.
  • I was even starting to heal childhood wounds that had caused me to sabotage relationships, jobs, and even engage in self-destructive behavior for as long as I could remember.
  • I finally found women who had cracked the code to making money and building their dream businesses in a “man’s world”.
  • The feeling of dread I had woken up with in the morning lifted; suddenly I saw more hope and joy than I’d ever experienced and I began to CREATE the life I dreamed of.
What's In It For Me

Here’s what other Superwomen are saying…

Love Letter from the Universe

Kejsi – Chicago, IL

I have actually been thinking of starting my own company this year; these videos were like the Universe encouraging me to do this. It was honestly some of the best content I have ever seen.”

this is what I was looking for

Jenna – Basalt, CO

Wow, I am so happy that Moms Wear Capes exists! It’s all the inspiration and information I was looking for, being a mom to two littles and just a women in general! Wonderful and helpful info that I can use on the daily.”


Lauren – Woody Creek, CO

Wow wow WOW! I’m hooked. I feel like so many of us moms get caught up in the day-to-day stuff and often forget to stop and genuinely think about what we are so thankful for. The Moms Wear Capes program will help me to be more present with my kids.”


Jillian – Aspen, CO

Stephanie is smart, eloquent, gorgeous, fashionable and the women she is bringing on have so much to give. Love it all. Am so completely impressed. MomsWearCapes is tapping into something so large where there is such a need. You go girl!”

Fired Up About Your Goals

Jacqueline – Austin, TX

Moms Wear Capes came into my life when I was needing it the most. Starting out and trying to find where you can apply your passion is stressful and intimidating, but here is Stephanie and Moms Wear Capes and it’s the support you have only ever dreamed of. Stephanie is one of the most sincere and full of life women I have ever met. She’s passionate and you can’t help but get fired up about your own goals when you hear her speak.”

Moms Wear Capes Empowers Me

Julia – Colorado

When it gets hard, Moms Wear Capes empowers me. I think what you’re creating challenges society as a whole to reframe the dialogue on motherhood/parenting. We move from shaming to empowering. No matter what decisions we make, it’s with the intent to do the best we can. I’m a big fan of you and your work, Steph. Keep going! You’ve really impacted my everyday just by me merely remembering your logo.

This makes it easy to succeed

HEMA – Austin, TX


Love learning from others

Michelle A – Austin, TX

Being a conscious entrepreneurial Mom myself, I enjoyed watching all of the inspiring and powerful interviews and hearing their stories of how they evolved.

This makes it easy to succeed

Ana – Costa Rica

I consider myself very lucky to be where I am and be able to be apart of Moms Wear Capes. The Moms Wear Capes makes it very easy to approach and succeed in new projects and ideas. I’ve been a mom entrepreneur since 2009, and have no doubt this will help me grow and learn in areas and ways I never expected. <3″


Alli Waddell

Alli Waddell
Founder | Wellness Posse

Andra Liemandt

Andra Liemandt
Founder | The Mrs. & The Kindness Campaign

Colette Davenport

Colette Davenport
Author & Coach | Kick Ass Confidence

Corina Frankie

Corina Frankie
CEO | Brand Besties

Courtney Lynn Harris

Courtney Lynn Harris
Founder | Courtney Harris Coaching

Crista Beck

Crista Beck
Love Coach | Jumpstart Your Heart

Deborah Whitby

Deborah Whitby
CEO | Austin Plumbery

Diana Lane

Diana Lane
Founder | The Holistic Hotness

Dr. Diane Kobrynowicz

Dr. Diane Kobrynowicz
Coach, Founder | Getting Wet Around The World

Ellen Smoak

Ellen Smoak
Author, Coach | Sex, Love, Life.com

Emily Rose

Emily Rose
Author, Coach | Emily Rose Coaching

Jessica Oxner

Jessica Oxner
CEO | Divergent Swimwear

Judy Tsuei

Judy Tsuei
CEO | Wild-Hearted Words

Kelly Ernest

Kelly Ernest
CEO | Re:Denim

Dr. Lauryn Lax

Dr. Lauryn Lax
Founder | Thrive Program

Maruxa Murphy

Maruxa Murphy
CEO | Perky Perky Coffee

Michelle Norris

Michelle Norris
CEO | Paleo f(x) & Zero Gravity Soul

Michelle Amriel

Michelle Amriel
CEO |  

Paula Stang Stinnett

Grace Stinnett
Founder | Twin Flame Institute

Rachel Green

Rachel Green
CEO | A Brand Called U & Leadership Box

Rashanna Moss

Rashanna Moss
Co-Founder | Moderna Muse

Rita Almusa

Rita Almusa
Co-Founder | Mint Pear Beauty

Sanela Osmanovic

Sanela Osmanovic
Founder | Total Body Yoga

Sara Gustafson

Sara Gustafson
Co-Founder | Primal Fusion

Shannon Pike

Shannon Pike
Co-Founder | Moderna Muse

Shelley Riley

Shelley Riley
Founder | Shelley Renee Styling

Stephanie Hirsch

Stephanie Hirsch
CEO | Moms Wear Capes

Susan Young

Susan Young
CEO | Get In Front Communications

Tatum Rebelle

Tatum Rebelle
CEO | Total Mommy Fitness


And More…

What's Inside The Program

Moms Wear Capes

Here’s a Superwoman’s School Sneak Peak

Module 1 - Identify Your Superhero
Module 2 - Sex & Love
Module 3 - Building Your Conscious Business
Module 4 - The Sacred Feminine
Module 5 - Growing Your Business
Module 6 - Turning Pain Into Profit
Module 7 - Keeping Calm During Storms
Module 8 - Body & Beauty
Module 9 - Building Mom Tribes

Module 10 - The Adventure Guide



How To Identify & Start Your Dream Business

Work at home doing what you love, when you want… As women and as mothers, we are usually caught between wanting to nurture and support everybody around us while also trying to be the self-expressed Superwomen we trained to become through school, higher education, our professional careers, and cultural influences. And the secret of becoming a Superwoman? You can have both. Remember: If you don’t build your dream, someone else will hire you to build theirs.

(Value at $17)

Killer Confidence

Be the most self-expressed, successful, and sensual version of you. When you are more confident you create a better life for yourself. You don’t listen to the negative voices – they’re lies and you allow them to roll off your back. You don’t tell yourself NO – you manifest your dream life. You stop wondering if you can or should have something- you go forward and claim it because you know your worth and you know you deserve the best things out of life. Do you want to feel confident? Yes! We all do.

(Value at $17)

100 FREE Tools To Start Your Dream Business

Starting a business is a bit like having a toddler; you can’t escape it for a moment! Sometimes it smiles sweetly at you and fills you with hope; and other times it’s an insolent brat you want to run away from.

Moms Wear Capes has created this program to help busy men and women take the endless googling and clickbait traps out of finding REAL, FREE tools for your business.

(Value at $17)

The Superwoman Sex & Orgasm Guide

Do you feel like sex has been different since you’ve been married or had a child? Does sex sometimes feel like a duty and not a delight? It doesn’t have to be! In fact, sex can be the most peaceful part of your day. You can use sex to have better conversations and intimacy with your partner, and you can use it to become a more confident, happy version of yourself. Learn from long time sex expert Colette Davenport about how to have greater confidence and pleasure in the sheets (or, you know, wherever.)

(Valued at $297)

The Conscious Parenting Program

Do you wonder what it would feel like to have easy, effortless communication with your coparent and high-level conversations with your child of any age?

What if your words spoke life, love, forgiveness, and grace to yourself and everybody around you? Do you want to take your life and prosperity to the next level? Learn from Michelle Amriel, one of the wisest experts we’ve ever heard in Superwoman School, teach us how to use parenting to be the BEST versions of ourselves.

(Valued at $297)

90 Minute Live Coaching Call

Join a small group of just 3-5 other moms with Stephanie on a special Zoom call where answers all your questions about starting a new business or scaling an old one from her 13 years experience in progressive, internet-based marketing. Whether you are ready to learn about your deepest purpose in life or you’re eager to make more money in an established business; this 90 minutes will change the course of your life.

(Valued at $375)

So what happened to me?


  • My business is freaking awesome and I built it in less than four months
  • My world is brimming with an abundance of truth telling, caring, and honest relationships.
  • My son is the happiest baby I’ve ever seen.
    Okay, okay.  I’ll stop calling him a baby. My son is the happiest “toddler” on the planet.
  • His mama is now more calm, cool, collected, well-nourished in her body and spirit; and my joy permeates my son’s life, too. He feels my sense of purpose, passion, and identity which gives him more confidence, too.
  • Best of all, the Moms Wear Capes program has shown me that being a mom can make you the BEST possible version of yourself..when you choose it.

I’ll tell you a little secret…

How Big You Can Show Up For Yourself…
Is How Big You Can Show Up…For Your Children

Pardon my French but: f*%k SuperMom.

There’s something so much bigger in life than a clean house and a Pinterest-worthy flourless chocolate cake recipe.

Your son or daughter deserves a SuperWOMAN.

Unleash her NOW with Moms Wear Capes.

Use my training in just 15 minutes a day with installments we’ve carefully and lovingly crafted just for YOU in our secret vault with over 50 incredible expert videos!



“How big you can show up for
yourself is how big you can
be for your family”



Frequently Asked Questions:

Moms Wear Capes is an integrative program designed to help busy moms identify and use their unique gifts to develop at-home income streams while deepening their interpersonal relationships, resilience, and mindfulness.

Moms Wear Capes is a personal development and entrepreneurship training program with lessons from 30 REAL women entrepreneurs who understand how to balance the joys of motherhood with the cosmic satisfaction of being a self-expressed Woman.

Our main goal is to help mothers navigate through motherhood without giving up their dreams. We’re there to hold your hand, because we’ve been there too.

Our goal is to help you get up, get your life back and get paid to start living the life of your dreams.

Moms Wear Capes is designed for mom CEO’s, small business owners, corporate managers, stay-at-home moms, service workers, and even women who haven’t worked in decades. Our program tailors the content to meet each woman at their specific business stage, even if they’ve never even thought about running a business from home.

NO calendars, no set times, and NO webinars. Our program is designed to go with you on any device, both on and offline.

I had a feeling you’d ask about that. That’s why I created this sweet infographic:

Why Moms Wear Capes is Special

Our experts are all committed to actively engaging on our Facebook page here.

In addition, we answer every support ticket sent to Support@MomsWearCapes.com individually without tedious do-it-yourself FAQ’s or automated responses. In fact, try writing us and you will most likely get a personal love letter from me, Stephanie. We LOVE hearing from our Supermoms.

Superwoman school starts TODAY and you can take the full twelve weeks, or even an entire year to finish your training.

Kids get sick. Daycares take vacations. Daddies sometimes don’t always help us out… if they’re even still here. Let’s be honest, life throws us some shitty curve balls. To harmonize any shit going down in your life, we have made this course 100% self-paced. (If I haven’t mentioned it yet, we swear in here sometimes, so make sure you look out for little ears.)

FULL ACCESS: Each of our 58 training videos is approximately 15-30 minutes in length and the comprehension worksheets after each video are designed to be completed in 15 minutes or less.

BLUEPRINT ACCESS: Our abbreviated videos are approximately 2-5 minutes in length with comprehension worksheets after each snippet designed to be completed in 15 minutes or less.

Great question! Here is the entire course breakdown. This is the most comprehensive and integrated course for mommies on the planet, we’re holding NOTHING back in this sales copy, folks.

Umm…. our experts talk about confidence, love, business, personalities, anxiety, anger, friendship, sex, heartache, fitness, dating…. What else is there?

No, really. While we help build the foundation for running your own business, we do not offer tax, financial, nor legal advice. We have tips on how to find great partners in these areas, but we are neither accountants, doctors, lawyers, nor financial advisors. For the above such matters, contact your qualified professional. If you don’t know what you need, we’ll be happy to refer you to somebody in our Moms Wear Capes network when you email Support@MomsWearCapes.com

You can visit our FB page and Instagram. Get ready to start to feel inspired!

Every video in our program speaks to women, the Divine Feminine, moms-to-be, empty-nesters, and moms with children of all ages. We aren’t trying to be a generic Entrepreneurship course; we’re totally and unashamedly WOMAN focused. With that being said, your male business partners or lovers will be truly fascinated by this material. I’ve seen many a husband get sucked into Netflix-style binge watching of our content because it’s that freaking interesting. But we’re definitely speaking to women.

Superwoman School Tuition:

$29/month Full program is released daily over your first 12 weeks, and yours to keep after 12 months. Includes 58 Videos, 58 MP3’s, 58 Transcripts, and 55 Online Modules so that you can train anywhere.

$297 One-time Payment. Immediate Access to all video training, MP3’s, Transcripts, and online training modules. Save $51 this year when you pay one-time. Includes 58 Videos, 58 MP3’s, 58 Transcripts, and 55 Online Modules so that you can train anywhere at your own pace and skip ahead immediately to the training that is most appealing to your journey today.

$97 Partial Access Our abbreviated program provides clips from our full access program with 55 corresponding online modules. Keep your abbreviated videos and online challenges forever. Does not include MP3’s and transcripts.

When you and your best mom friends commit to Superwoman School together, contact Support@momswearcapes.com and we can offer special rates for groups of 2 or more

Absolutely. Just email support and we’ll honor a refund if you aren’t satisfied. We offer a 30-day no-hassle guarantee for both our Full Access and Blueprint memberships.

What if I don’t have a business yet?
This is perfectly designed for people who want to harness their deepest passion, purpose, mission and identity and turn it into a profitable business. If you’ve never run a business, you’re perfectly suited to join this program.

My business is different — will this work for my industry?
There’s no question that the material covered in MomsWearCapes will bless any business across any industry.

You’ll spend months finding the experts and thousands and thousands of dollars to sit down with each and every one of them to learn about their best secrets. You can pretty much learn anything with the magic of the interwebs… but I don’t think it’s worth your time, or even possible, to search and hire experts on each of these subjects to speak directly to moms about their expertise. I’ve done the work for you and made it ridiculously affordable.

Will this work if I’m outside of North America?
Absolutely. We’re working on translating our material into Spanish now; the material is relevant to any mom or mom to-be in any country.

Hey, it’s Steph. Truth be told, I invested my life savings into web developers, technical gurus and those coding nerds who sit in dark rooms and work odd hours. We’ve taken the tech side out of the equation to make this accessible to you with as few “clicks” as possible.

Is MWC a scam or a pyramid scheme?
No. In fact, we were so disgusted by the rampant preying on mothers that MLM, network marketing, and other pyramid scheme companies do that we developed this program as the anti-MLM program to help liberate mothers from the upfront costs, commission splitting, and upline/downline hassle of pyramid schemes. Thanks for asking.

Feel free to contact us at support@momswearcapes.com, we’ll answer your questions ASAP.

We will love to hear from you when you email us at Support@momswearcapes.com  We love your feedback and questions.

Start at your leisure and work at your own pace. Re-take the course every year for the rest of your life; we will never take the content away from you once you’ve paid your one-time annual fee or 12 monthly installments.

Introductory Offer!
Superwoman School
$597One-Time Payment
Access to Full Program in Members Vault
Access To Members-only Forum
Access to Private Members Area!
Access To Superwoman Blueprint Challenges
Members who complete their program receive a free gift in the mail
60-day money back guarantee
Superwoman School
$97Monthly Subscription
Access to Full Program in Members Vault
Access To Members-only Forum
Access to Private Members Area!
Access To Superwoman Blueprint Challenges
60-day money back guarantee
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