No sex with my husband


I joined this program because my sex life is dead.  Where do I start?

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Haha thanks for your honesty Jen.  This is one of the #1 complaints i hear from all moms.  Here’s what’s frustrating to me: a lot of mommy “experts” poke fun at wearing yoga pants all day and not having sex with their husbands.  That’s not okay.  It’s emasculating your husband!  If you emasculate your man, he’s going to have a harder time giving you what YOU want.  If it isn’t sex that you want, my guess is that you want some love and nurturing!

Please view these episodes of Superwoman School over the next week or so:

Module 1 Lesson 2:  The Only Thing You Need to Be More Confident

ALL Of Module 2

Module 4 Lesson 22, 25, 26, 27.


Sorry to scream but coming from a woman who has been really pent up and traumatized sexually…

I created these with YOU in mind!

Here are a couple books that have helped me – I have been VERY sexually cold and unhappy in my previous partnerships and I’m finally beginning to open up and actually enjoy the sex – and the relationships!

Let us know how you enjoy these books and how you begin to feel more confidence, desire, and intimacy in the bedroom.  We’re rooting for you!

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