What You Need For True Happiness

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Does health equate to happiness?  We think so!

In today’s video, Michelle Norris discusses how she became brighter, clearer, and more effervescent when she began a Paleo Diet.

While I personally don’t follow a strict Paleo Diet, I have a very clear guideline for what health means to me, personally.

I severely limit dairy, only eat fish, consume tons and tons of vegetables, roots, and herbs, I sleep at least 7 hours nightly, I don’t drink soda, and I workout daily.

These things are so second nature to me that I don’t even think about them anymore!

When I follow my preferred “health plan”, I feel AWESOME.  And when I drink alcohol, don’t sleep enough, or abuse my health in other ways, I feel awful.  It’s like my brain turns off!

Health is an investment that’s worth making today or, as Michelle notes, it’ll cost a lot more later.  Plus, it’ll come with a completely diminished quality of life!

What do you do to take care of yourself and your body?

Michelle says, “Pay now, because you may not have the chance to pay later to reverse the damage an unhealthy and diminished quality of life cost you…”

Write things that make you feel GOOD below:


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Stephanie Hirsch
Stephanie Hirsch