Using Surrender To Propel Your Purpose

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Susan Young is an expert in PR, entrepreneurship, and business strategy.

One of the things she’s learned to do in order to retain balance in her thriving business as well as her family (she’s been married for 17 years!) is by delegating… to God.

She notes that micromanaging is rampant with the entrepreneurial spirit and mindset… and she thinks it couples with the need for control.

Have you ever heard about the billionaire who spent 10 hours trying to get a $200 dollar printer to work?  

At $1,000 an hour, he spent $10,000 of his “time” fussing with the contraption.  It’s one of my favorite stories in “The Big Leap” by Gay Hendricks.  In the end, the rich man found that his neighbor was able to fix the machine in minutes.  If only he’d saved those precious hours!

Or what about the mom who chides her husband for putting a diaper on “wrong”… ensuring he’ll never offer to help with diaper changes again!

Oprah poses it this way: are you giving up… or are you surrendering?

Giving up says, “oh gosh, forget it.  I’m done with this.”

Surrendering says, “hey, open up the universe and let’s see what happens here.  I know the right person is there to help me.”

Susan recalls the story of walking down the hall to her office with her stomach in knots over her need for an accountant.  Suddenly she felt the urge to surrender.  She became open to possibilities.

She remembers glancing at the placard on a door near her office and reading the words, “Mark Cane CPA”.  He became her CPA for many years.

In our lives as mothers and entrepreneurs, it’s easy to want to control everything.

I’m in the middle of a move across the country with my son, and I’ve found that as soon as I write down lists of things I need, such as “new apartment, coworking space, etc.”, and then intentionally let go and go about my day, the Universe conspires to bring me answers when I’m not actively “doing” something to solve my problems.

Sometimes the most powerful thing we can do is, alas, nothing.

Wait for Divine Inspiration.

Listen to your still small voice.

Surrender and do nothing to get more done!

Relinquish control in your power and believe in the power of an infinitely big, mighty, resourceful, and loving Higher Power.

In your business or personal life, how can YOU engage the power of surrender for something that’s keeping your stomach in knots right now?

I like to write down a list of things that need to get done and then hide the list in a drawer with a calendar Event reminding me to look at it in three days.

I often find that in three days, when I’ve surrendered to the Voice of wisdom and gone about my daily tasks, many of my answers have been divinely received.  

Many of my problems have been solved.  

Many wise voices have spoken their wisdom.

Many friends have risen up to help.

Or perhaps I’ll find myself randomly writing a Facebook post asking my network for help with a problem at 5 in the morning, only to find that within minutes, my needs are met almost miraculously.

In today’s exercise, think about three to five things you need to get done in your life or business this month that require some big deliveries that are outside of your control.

Practice surrender by folding up the paper and putting it in a drawer.

This is a physical commitment to the Universe that you trust in it to answer your prayers.

Find yourself in conversations, reading articles, even noticing business cards around your doctor’s office where answers are being provided to you.


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