Using Intuition To Make More Money

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One of my favorite moments in the Moms Wear Capes program is when Emily Rose discusses how she and her staff love the hashtag #fucktheformula.

(Pardon my French).

In a man’s world, we’re told that everybody around us is competition.  We need to rise above others.  We need to stand above others.  We need to assume a physical posture of dominance.  Things in this world are linear, ordinal, and vertical.

Emily poses a different scenario.

In her business helping women scale to achieve financial success, she uses a feminine, circular model.  

You see, in Emily’s business she establishes incubators for female entrepreneurs.  In these incubators, three to five women all form a group.  Emily, as the coach, doesn’t stand above the group.  Rather she places herself energetically in the circle WITH her coaching clients.  

The circle then promotes one another’s growth and business both emotionally, strategically, and financially.  They become cogs on a sturdy wheel rather than links on a linear chain.

How can you grow your business by relying on other female entrepreneurs?  

Do you have the financial resources to join an incubator like Emily’s?  

Or perhaps can you find other female entrepreneurs in your industry or town who are committed to supporting your growth?

Write a list of ten female entrepreneurs you can reach out to this month.

In today’s exercise, write down a list of ten business owners or entrepreneurs you can reach out to for a supportive group like the one Emily describes in today’s video clip.

In my personal incubator, I have Corina, Deborah, Ellen, Diana, Emily, Maruxa, Dr. Diane, Dr. Lauryn and Sara Gustafson as entrepreneurs I meet with at least every other week to discuss new projects and ways we can support one another on existing ones.

If you don’t have a list at the top of mind, take today to research local companies, brands, and thought leaders who may behoove your group.

Start a circle of sister entrepreneurs by choosing a meeting place.  Start a Facebook Group for your tribe and then schedule a time that everybody can commit to for at least 5 sessions over the next few months.

You’ll be surprised at how LITTLE time you need to spend in group – as each fulfilling and enlightening session will provide you with weeks of inspiration and tasks to complete before your next meeting.  (I’ve done this a lot, trust me on this one!)

If you’re having a hard time finding women in your area, please reach out to the private Moms Wear Capes Facebook Group and we’ll try to work together to find mothers you can meet with online through video conferencing.

We’re committed to your business.

We’re committed to YOU.


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