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Now that you’ve taken the past few days to envision what your most self-expressed, confident, and fulfilled Muse looks like…

Have you come up with a vision of what you’d do if nothing were holding you back?

Andra Liemandt discusses in today’s clip the moment that she started playing drums from stage – with no previous music experience! It birthed a movement that includes a record label, music videos, TV appearances, albums, and the opportunity for Andra’s daughters to look up at her and see the woman they want to be.

In today’s exercise, envision precisely who you’d be if nothing held you back.

Here’s my personal vision:

I run a publishing company disseminating tools to help bring a higher collective consciousness to the world my son will live in. (Check!)

I am in a committed relationship with somebody who adores me, loves to serve me, and communicates with me on a high level. (Looking…)

I get to speak on television and on stage about my business and gain traction around my brand. (On it!)

Oprah Winfrey wants to interview me about my vision, my company, and the impact I’m having on the world.

My business makes enough money for me to own my own home with my son right in the core of Aspen, Colorado. (That may, in fact, be even more difficult than the Oprah interview!)

I have started a movement called Conscious Christianity, where Christ followers can wed the science and spirituality of traditionally “New Age” principles like neuroplasticity, quantum physics, the wonders of astrology, and loving spirituality as they are (already) supported in Scriptures! (Currently working on this!)

What if I told you that all these dreams have ALREADY come true? Because they have. When you take the time to envision the woman you want your children to look up to and then take the steps necessary in faith that you need to take to make that dream a reality, you’ve already succeeded in making that dream come true.

One of my favorite authors said this in his book Seat of The Soul:

“The 10% [of intention] that is choosing the path for the sake of health and wholeness has more power ultimately than the 90% that is fighting to remain where it is and have it’s own way.

The Universe backs that 10% and not the 90%. As you move into the healing of who you are and the conscious journey toward what it is you want, recognize that the Universe backs the part of you that is of clearest intention.

You are constantly receiving guidance and assistance from your guides and teachers, and from the Universe itself. When you choose consciously to move toward the energy of your soul, you invite that guidance.

When you ask the Universe to bless you in your effort to align yourself with your soul, you open a passageway between yourself and your guides and teachers. You assist their efforts to assist you. You invoke the power of the non-physical world. That is what a blessing is.”
– Gary Zukav

On the next page, write down some of your own dreams, whether big or small.


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Stephanie Hirsch
Stephanie Hirsch