Truly Loving The Woman You Are

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“Without peace with our bodies, we can’t have peace in our lives.”

This is one of the most important things that Dr. Lauryn Lax learned after more than half her life in eating disorder treatment, recovery programs, and hospitals.

Dr. Lax explains that whether big or small, skinny or curvy, muscular or short or tall or big feet or squinty eyes, we’re always comparing ourselves to other people or an ideal of how we “should” be.

Today’s challenge is a body meditation.

Think about all the things you aren’t happy with in your body.  Perhaps this is your stomach.  Your stretch marks.  Your thighs.  Your feet.

Now give THANKS for those parts of your body.  Try to make it through three body parts.

If you can’t find anything to be thankful for, please call your doctor and have this body part surgically removed because it clearly isn’t doing anything but harassing you.

Seriously, if you hate your thighs- know that you CAN live without them.  You may never walk again.  You may not be able to play with your children.  You may not be able to hike or bike or run.  But, hey – if you aren’t grateful for them, they must be dead weight.

Okay, I’m exaggerating a little for the purpose of showing you how absurd it is to find something on your body altogether “bad”.

Here’s an example of my exercise for today:

(I like to pair this exercise with a meditation during which I sit in a chair or on my bed and touch each part of my body, telling it how wonderful it is and how grateful I am for it.  It’s REALLY WEIRD at first, but you’ll feel your brain start to transform as you rewire it to see these parts of your body as beautiful and ENOUGH.)

Dear Legs,

I’ve told you you’re too short and thick.  In truth, I don’t know what I’d do without you.  My favorite thing on the planet is to hike.  I don’t know where I’d be in life if I hadn’t spent thousands of hours running and hiking with books in my ears.  I certainly wouldn’t have learned so much, grown so much, healed so much, and started my beautiful business.

I’ve told you you’re too chubby but you’re also two of the strongest legs I’ve ever seen.  You can squat 300 reps a day if I ask you to.  You can hike 15 miles or run a marathon.  You always get me out of bed and you always make it possible for me to dance with my son.

Thank you for giving me the most precious and memorable experiences of my life.

Dear legs, thighs, and butt – you’re absolutely amazing to me.

I’m sorry for always harassing you to be anything different than what you are.  Mine.  And perfect just the way you are.

I love you.



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