The Only Thing You Need To Be Confident

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One of the things Moms Wear Capes expert Colette Davenport does beautifully is to repeat Confidence mantras to herself and her clients.

For today’s Challenge, we’re going to embrace our own Confidence Superpower by creating confidence mantras.

On one side of this worksheet, write down ten poisonous thoughts that can kill your confidence. Here’s an example:

1 – You are fat

2 – You aren’t intelligent

3 –  You’re a bad wife

I know, these are brutal to write, right?

Here are three opposing Confidence Mantras:

1 – You are beautiful.

(Take it a step further and tell yourself what you love about yourself.  I love my hair, my eyes, my hands, my arms, and my clavicle.  I know, weird but all totally true.  Studies show that women are ruthlessly self-criticising (as opposed to men, who are generally very sure of themselves…)

That’s why we want you to attack the ten worst criticisms you make up in your head and replace them with self-confidence mantras.

As you repeat these mantras to yourself each morning or evening, you’ll begin to believe the powerful truths they express about yourself.

In fact, you’ll even begin to ACT more positively to yourself and the world around you.

Now write ten poisonous Confidence Killers followed by ten positive Confidence boosters below.  Remember: YOU ARE LOVE.


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Stephanie Hirsch
Stephanie Hirsch