The Guide To Managing Anxiety

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If you’ve been watching your Moms Wear Capes videos this month, you’ve heard a thing or two about Neuroplasticity, or our ability to change and rewire our brains.  

Alli Waddell, wellness coach, loves to repeat the mantra, “fire together, wire together” in her training with clients.She’s found in studies that merely 4 weeks of 10 minutes daily meditation can drastically impact how we function.

In the study she highlights, some people who were on antidepressants actually reported two times higher positive physical and mental attributes through meditation that those who were on drugs.

That shift started to occur in as little as two weeks!

For today’s challenge, do a simple 10-minute meditation.  (I recommend downloading the free 10-day trial of the Headspace App on your phone.)

By day three, I’m almost CERTAIN you’ll be hooked.

If you can make it to Day 10 – I sincerely applaud you.

But if you really want to make a difference in your mind and life, I urge you to do four full weeks of meditation.

Happy Meditating!


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