The Easiest Way To Tame Tantrums

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Courtney Harris discusses lots of ways we can be more mindful, present, meditative, and loving with our families.

One of the many incredible exercises she gives us is a meditation that involves tracing your hand slowly while breathing in on each rise on a finger and breathing out as you trace down into the web of your hand.

If you didn’t try that with today’s video, do it now.

Didn’t that feel amazing?

It’s one of my favorite meditative exercises that helps me stop and center when I’m losing it with my toddler.

Another exercise she gives us is the Locus of Control.

With the Locus of Control, we simply write down things that we have either no control over, some control over, and total control over in our lives.

This helps us put into perspective the things that deserve our attention, and those that don’t.

The Locus of Control is 3 concentric circles.

In the center are things you have complete control over.  They’re in the center because they’re the things we hold most dear.

It’s the power that we have within us.

The next circle contains the things that we have some control over and then the outermost circle, things we have no control over.

To be able to sit down and acknowledge that there are some things that you have complete control over and there are some things that you have no control over is very empowering for mothers.

We can acknowledge the things we have no control over and not feel as emotionally charged about them.

Here’s an easy one.  In terms of complete control, you can put food.  I have control over what goes in my body.  Or scheduling your work day – that’s generally in your control if you’re an entrepreneur.

You might have no control over how your child reacts. You might feel like you have some control because you influence them, but ultimately they’re their own human.

We have no control over the weather, either.

Being able to say ‘these are the things that I do have control over, this is where I will prioritize my time and energy’. That’s powerful.

Being able to say likewise ‘these are the things that I have no control over and I need to let go’.

For today’s exercise, complete your own Locus of Control below.  Feel how liberating this simple acknowledgement can be!


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