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Is Your Love Life Stale?

I was totally shocked…

… the day I interviewed a sex and intimacy expert and finally admitted out loud that previous relationships were nothing short of sexually traumatizing.

Tsa Tsa Gabor once said, “Sex? I know nothing about it. I’ve always been married.”

As moms, you my feel the same way.

Does your marriage feel stale?

Do you feel stifled in your sex life?

Do you even have a sex life since having kids?

Are you on the road to separation or divorce?

Do you feel seen and heard by your partner?

Do you feel like a maid or chef rather than your partner’s Lover?

Do you feel like your children deplete your sexual energy?

Are you having sex just for “duty”?

If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, I would like to provide a very simple mantra for you to repeat any time you’re not feeling loved or adored.

“Feeling Love is my birthright.”

Every woman on the planet deserves to feel love. There’s nothing selfish about it.

In fact, your need for love isn’t negotiable. If you don’t feel love, you won’t last. You’ll wither up on the vine. Your well will run dry. You won’t have anything left for your children.

Your Needs Are Necessities.

This is a short description of a concept we call Feed Mama First.

You see, when you aren’t feeling loved or nurtured, you can’t be the best wife, mother, sister, daughter, or friend you’re designed to be.

If you haven’t filled your cup, you have nothing to spill over onto the people you love.

This isn’t because you’re selfish, though.

It’s because feeling love is your birthright.

Why We Should, and MUST Feel Loved…

We’re designed to love others and receive love from others.

You can tell when somebody is falling in love; they look lighter. They walk differently. Their happiness is infectious. You want to be around them.

Love is Divine. It’s one of the most powerful catalysts for our personal transformation, as well as the transformation of the person we love.

Moms are quick to allow their marriages or relationships grow stale thinking that their kids are better when their need are put first.

Now don’t get me wrong; if there’s an emergency, injury, or time-sensitive issue of any kind it’s probably not the best time to soak in the tub or do some yoga.

But generally speaking, you are going to respond better to life’s challenges when you’ve taken care of yourself.

At our core, every single one of us wants a fulfilling relationship.

That’s why whether you’re 18 or 80, married or a single mom, I’ve created a course in the Moms Wear Capes program designed specifically to help you in your romantic partnership.

Because I feel so strongly that mothers need to nourish themselves by having great relationships with their partners, I’ve released one free video from our Superwoman School to the public.

Get this free lesson now before I have to take it offline… it’s a little risque and for ADULTS ONLY.

There is some adult content and racy language…

Please find a private place to enjoy your Free Superwoman School lesson now.



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