Self Love Starts In Your Body

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You’ve probably heard of serotonin.  It’s basically our body’s “feel good” chemical.

Well, one of the most fascinating things I learned from Dr. Lauryn Lax in the Moms Wear Capes program is that 90% of our serotonin production stems from our gut.

That’s right – our feel-good chemicals are produced in our stomachs.  Leaky gut syndrome, food allergies, and processed foods don’t just make us overweight, but they may actually impede our happiness!

For today’s Moms Wear Capes challenge, I want you to commit to one of two things:

  1.  If you haven’t already, schedule a visit with an allergist and get an analysis done of everything you may or may not be allergic to.  Knowing what is causing poor digestion may be the key to kicking bad habits, or even depression in your life!  If you want my honest opinion, and I’m not a doctor, I really recommend finding a holistic doctor who can administer the “Spectracell” test.  It’s extraordinarily comprehensive and widely believed to be the best allergy test on the market.  It tells you where you may have an overabundance or lack of minerals, vitamins, and it gives a *two year* cellular snapshot!
  2. For a minimum of three days, pay really good attention to what you eat and how it makes you feel.  Keep a food diary that identifies everything you consume and what you feel like directly thereafter, as well as an hour or two later.  By doing this, you may find that certain foods are regularly associated with sleepiness, anxiety, or other “bad” feelings.  Love yourself, and start in the gut!

If you choose to keep a food journal, click here to print one and then you can upload it in the challenge below.


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