Secrets To Getting Free Press

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Susan Young recently encouraged us in our daily challenge #27 with writing our business story.  We wrote an elevator pitch as well as a brief description of our business in our Day 27 challenge.

Today we’re going to work a little harder in the parameters of Susan’s 4 Keys To Perfect PR.

Susan encourages us to:

  • Go where your audience is.
  • Create curiosity.
  • ‘How can I let the cat out of the bag.’
  • Become known.

Speak, write, guest blog, record videos, be active in Facebook groups. Go where your audience is and engage them.

In today’s challenge, we’d like you to think about how you can “let the cat out of the bag”.  

Maybe you have a professional organizing business.  A bookkeeping business.  Perhaps you’re running a hiring agency or you’ve developed a fantastic lotion or lip balm.

Find out where your audience is and Get In Front.

Create curiosity for your product, such as Rita Almusa did when she posed the question, “did you know there’s a face cream that’s scientifically proven to have the same effect as fillers for a fraction of the cost?”  

Get the cat out of the bag – let people know that YOU’RE the authority in your field.

Next, engage with that audience.  

Comment on other people’s post.  

Offer advice that’s related to your industry, but not always trying to sell them something.  

Become a respected voice in your market.

Take today to develop a plan for your perfect PR blitz, now that you’ve written your perfect PR story to go with it!

Here’s how I’ve done this myself:

  • Go where your audience is.  I went to the Austin Mom’s Network and I’ve been actively engaging in posts with advice, support, and encouragement for my target market.
  • Create curiosity.  I began hinting on my Austin Mom’s Network and Society of Women Entrepreneurs Facebook pages that I had a vault of secret tricks and tools for mamas looking to create more passion, purpose, and meaning in their lives, while making good money working from home. I didn’t this to engage interest – NOT to sell a product. I never even mentioned my business name!  I took my first “clients” through private Facebook Messages where they showed interest in what I had to offer.
  • ‘How can I let the cat out of the bag.’  Once I’d established myself as a credible expert in my field, I began sharing my website and tools with the community.
  • Become known.  I finally began showing up as the Founder & CEO of MomsWearCapes once I had established credibility in my market as a resource, not a cat looking to feast on tasty mice in these groups!

Consider how you can plan a perfect PR attack in your industry.

Oh, I see.  You don’t like the word attack?

That’s okay – because here’s the secret you must know: you’re not wielding guns and swords.  

This attack is a LOVE attack for people who can really benefit and grow from your product.

Feel better?

Now get to work!

The Perfect PR Plan of Attack…


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