Pregnancy & Postpartum Workout Success

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When I was pregnant, I was pretty adamant about working out.

The problem?

I ran a thriving High-End Tea business and spent my pregnancy traveling all over the country and abroad until 7 weeks before I gave birth!

Tatum Rebelle has been a friend of mine for at least 5 years, and she’s also a successful weight loss coach, wife, mother (since filming this video she had a precious baby girl) and former drill sergeant with the army.

She doesn’t just train women who are pregnant or who have recently given birth to continue working out wherever they are, but she shows us in this video how we can stay fit in any situation… pregnant, traveling, etc.

What areas of your body would you like to strengthen for a stronger, happier life?

Use this challenge to set some workout goals for yourself.

Remember to bring you friends to help motivate you – even if they’re in their third trimester like Tatum!  (Consult your doctor before any working out, period.)


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