Nourishing Polarity For Hotter Sex

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Dr. Diane Kobrynowicz discusses how we can play with polarity in our relationships to make sex hotter and our dynamic more erotic.

We don’t want somebody to be just like us… or, as Dr. K says, “the exotic is erotic”.  

If your partner is very masculinely-expressed, he may really love to see you in a full feminine expression.

Dr. K refers to polarity as a game – but not one that’s full of trickery or malice.  More like a sexy game that lights your partner up for you.  

It’s about honest, open communication.  When we discuss our wants and desires, we build the foundation for a much hotter sexual polarity with our partner.  And even though most men seem oblivious to women’s needs, they really REALLY love to know when they’ve met them!  

Here is a quick, brief list of some traditionally feminine and masculine traits and qualities:

I’m a pretty masculinely- expressed woman, especially because I’m an entrepreneur with dozens of part time contractors to manage and scores of software programs running at any given time to keep my business online.

So when I really want to get into my feminine, I have to really work at it…

If I let go and surrender in openness and receptivity all day at work, there are certain things that just won’t get done.  Sometimes I have to be direct, stable, incredibly logical vs. emotional, disciplined, and even a bit dictatorial.

But when I do get into my feminine, I feel softer, more tender, more confident, and even more beautiful.  

How can you get into your feminine to attract a masculinely-expressed partner?  How can you embrace the soft, beautiful, feminine parts of your personality to make yourself look more exotic to your partner?

For some of us it’s bubble baths.  For some it’s lipstick.  For me it’s “grounding down” into my feminine chakra by literally dancing away my masculine “work” energy and focusing my whole being from head to toe on “feeling” and getting out of my head.  

I also LOVE to workout with heavy weights to feel more feminine.  Why?  I suppose that working out takes all the masculine energy out of me for the day!  After an intense workout, I feel relaxed, open, receptive, and all these incredible feminine qualities!

Take a moment a think about what you do to make you feel like the most radiant woman you can be.

What makes you feel beautiful?  Energetic?  Open?  Receptive?  Tender?  Relaxed?  What puts you in your most radiant feminine state of being and headspace?

Think about the feminine qualities above and write a list of ten things that make you feel feminine.


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