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[MM_Member_Decision membershipId=’2|5|6|7′] Have you ever heard the phrase, “if you don’t know where you’re going, any road will do” from Alice In Wonderland?


When I first did a meditation with Moderna Muse, I fell into a frenzy when I got home from the event.  I tore through my old blog posts, domain names, even doodles in my notebook.  I knew I wanted passion, purpose, and meaning in life… but where would I start?

After my musing meditation, I saw my muse in my head so clearly.  She was strong, self-assured, and wielding a rope full of books.  Heck, I’ll just share the picture: (don’t mind my terrible art skills!)

That doodle of a book-wielding super woman (with monstrously large hair- which was a mistake, in fact) became my muse.  I put her on my desk and looked at her day and night.  I was wielding my transformational work (Moms Wear Capes) like Wonder Woman wields her Lasso of Truth.

Over the next few months, I BECAME this muse.  I shot and edited SIXTY videos for the Moms Wear Capes vault, which you have access to as a member.  I worked day and night creating these worksheets, our emails, images, social media profiles, and more so that you would have a vault of the world’s best kept secrets meant to empower mothers to find their SuperWoman identities after motherhood.

  • What’s your calling?
  • Who is your muse?
  • What is she wearing?
  • What does she have in her hands?
  • Who’s watching her or being impacted by her?

Take some time to doodle your muse, even if it’s a stick figure or an abstract bunch of shapes you clip from magazines.

Now take a photo of her and upload this below.  Have fun, Picasso!


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Stephanie Hirsch