Making Routines For Radical Inner Peace

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Our Moms Wear Capes Muses Shannon Pike and Rashanna Moss come to us in today’s video with a message about creating sacred routines.

Do you have a sacred routine?

Do you have something that you do almost every single day that makes you feel tremendous?

Perhaps it’s a cup of tea.

Maybe it’s a workout every day.

At this point in your journey, you’ve come to learn how sacred feeding mama first can be.

You need to have a full cup in order to give others a drink.

In today’s exercise, write down ten things that fill you up.  Maybe these are special meditations, foods, drinks, workouts, or a sacred makeup or bedtime routine!

Now give yourself permission to do one of these things every day for the REST of your life.

No day should go by without a cup of delicious coffee, a workout, or a fabulous hairdo – if that’s what fills you with a bit more joy.  You deserve it!


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