Make More Money By Helping People

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In order to grow our businesses, we need to sometimes do a lot of icky stuff.  For me, this includes:

  • Researching fulfillment, logistics, analytics, and anything with numbers
  • Time I spent running other people’s businesses so that I would one day know how to run my own- where I’d make a TON more money!
  • Finishing projects!  I love nearly every project I start, but my commitment to excellence means that sometimes it takes me one or two weeks to actively finish a single project.  This Workbook took WEEKS of my life.  I carefully studied each video and transcript to determine what the best content was in my program to create actionable steps for you.  It was a ton of work but I know it was worth no socialization or yoga for weeks on end!

Judy Tsuei talks about how important it was, even after many years working as an accomplished travel writer, to add the bi-line “author” to her resume in order to have success in her field.  

Some Moms Wear Capes experts talk about taking free clients for months while they developed a base for a book, training series, webinar, or workbook of material to teach their products.

Others remember how hard it was to canvas neighborhoods giving their product away for people to try so that they could acquire testimonials and get their brand recognized in their town or niche market.

Other experts spent hours and hours creating free content online – including free eBooks, Facebook Lives demonstrating their products, or Instagram stories promoting their product or brand before they had any customers.

In short, these are sometimes tedious tasks that don’t have instant benefit to your bank account, but which can really fundamentally make or break your business!

Imagine for a minute what you can do to hustle in your business to create a better foundation.

What can you do to build the “brand”, “Bi-Line” or “image” of yourself or your business.

Think about your end game.  

  • Do you want to be known as the company who spent 100 hours helping Hurricane Harvey victims in Houston?
  • Does it behoove your brand image to have Instagram stories?
  • What about acquiring awesome business testimonials?
  • Could you benefit from being an author?
  • What about getting on the phone and cranking out 10-15 calls every day to sell your product?

Consider something your business needs that you are NOT doing right now.

Is it better analytics?  Logistics?

Do you need more customers?  What about Facebook Live engagement?

Do you need to do a better job of pleasing customers you have with a great product?

Don’t let anybody tell you that running a busy is easy all the time.  Even the businesses of our dreams involve a percentage of otherwise irritating or difficult work.  

But, mama, it’ll all be worth it in the end!

The Icky Stuff

This is my commitment for the “icky” stuff I don’t feel like doing for my business.  I understand that although I don’t love to do these things every day all day, there is a time that they are what’s best for the end game!

Here are some “icky” things I can incorporate into my business plan to have greater success!


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