Launch A Writing Career From Scratch

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Moms Wear Capes expert Judy Tsuei tells us about how she used her gift of writing and storytelling to launch a six-figure business from an RV while in a boot and crutches traveling across the country with a toddler.  Wow!

Talk about the power of believing in your mission!

Judy wrote her first book, Meditations for Mamas, in only 30 days from this trip.  She encourages mothers to recognize that copywriting sells.

Even if you’re hiring out ghostwriters and copywriters (which I always do, but then end up rewriting everything myself anyway because I love writing!), you can’t really build any business without words.

You have to be able to execute your vision by painting a picture and telling your business’s story.  

Even if you aren’t doing the writing in your business, you have to be able to have a story that everybody knows about your business.  

Mine is the hero’s journey of a single mom who was definitely feeling a lack of friendships, finances, and passion for life.  I turned it into 60 videos with 30 experts from 30 different industries sharing their secrets for mamas who want to build up themselves and their at-home businesses within just a few months.  And the best part?  It’s a true story!  Rita Almusa took her acne problem and turned it into a skin care line.  There are dozens more like this in the Moms Wear Capes vault!

What’s your dream business story?  (Or dream business’s story?)


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