Identify Your Unique Superpowers

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Corina Frankie discusses how any mom can make money by harnessing her gifts.

You don’t have to be an expert, you just have to do something two steps ahead of somebody else.

  • Maybe you can be a wardrobe consultant.
  • Maybe you’re an amazing chef and can begin catering corporate events.
  • Perhaps you love math and numbers and can begin a career in bookkeeping.
  • One day, you can hire a whole team under you!

In this exercise, make a list of everything you love and hate in two columns.

Before you decide you’re “good” at something and try to make a career out of it, it’s important to first make sure it’s something you love to do.

Corina notes that she loves cooking and cleaning her vegetables. She’s also a consummate extrovert and loves live events. That’s part of the reason she was able to hire hundreds of brand ambassadors over the years for her company Brand Besties.

On the following page, make that list of things you love and hate. Once you study the list, explore how you can take those things you love to do and do them for others, at a price!

You are a superhero!


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Stephanie Hirsch
Stephanie Hirsch