How Women Will Rule The World

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Michelle Norris provided surprising evidence of how she rules her company as CEO and her 17-year marriage with the grace of a queen because she remains true to her feminine nature.

Over the past couple days, we’ve dug deep into the concept of masculinity and femininity with our Masculinity and Femininity worksheets.

Here’s a refresher of the Masculine and Feminine Traits:


It’s not easy to embrace your femininity and be the queen in a work environment.  In fact, most people think that the more of our feminine traits we embody, the weaker we will be.

This is due to the fact that femininity is associated with crying, acting out emotionally, submitting passively to men, or being to “soft” to GSD.  (Get Stuff Done!)

Study your Masculinity and Femininity worksheet and lean into the positive side of your feminine.

Now take some time below to create 3-5 scenarios in your business where using your feminine traits actually creates MORE productivity, wealth, and effectiveness.

Here is an example of some of mine:

  1. I used my feminine quality of surrender, and receptivity to patiently wait before starting to write my autoresponder email sequence while I was in major flow with the challenges I was writing for the end-of-lesson challenges in our Superwoman Blueprints.  I found that once I had written the challenges, the material was ripe for email copy.  If I had pushed myself on the autoresponders instead of surrendering openly to where Spirit was leading me to be most productive, I’d have nearly doubled my work.  I happy to have saved precious time!
  2. I use my feminine quality of compassion with an employee who isn’t pulling her weight, isn’t finishing projects, and takes way too much time to finish what she does start.  I find out that she’s had extraneous personal issues at home, and that once we were able to discuss those issues openly and compassionately, she was able to help me hire somebody to help her finish her job while she takes a part time role.  I’m happy not to lose an employee I highly value.
  3. I engaged my feminine quality of intuition when writing a creative sales copy piece for my website, engaging compassionate storytelling, vulnerability, and throwing away the traditional “formula” method of writing copy.  I’m happy with the finished piece!

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