How To Use Your Divine DNA

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One of your greatest Superwoman gifts is your ability to hear God, the Universe, the Holy Spirit, Intuition, or whatever else you call it.

(Let’s call it intuition for the sake of this exercise.)

Maruxa and I discuss how sometimes we can’t hear anything when life gets in the way of our taking time for SELF-CARE.

  • What are you doing when you feel the most “in-tune” with intuition?
  • Is it when you’re well-rested?
  • Is it when you do yoga?
  • Is it when you pray?Is it when you meditate?

Think about the things you do to turn on your clearest “God-Wiring”.

Are you doing those things every day?

For me, it’s critical that I have at least ten minutes of meditation every day in order for me to feel the most in sync with the voice of intuition.  In addition, I *must* work out every morning!  

What do you need to do?  Write your answers below.


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Stephanie Hirsch
Stephanie Hirsch