How To Make Headlines

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Moms Wear Capes business expert Susan Young points out that since we were children, we’ve loved stories. And in fact, adults are no different; we love a good story.  

It’s rare you see a Ted Talk or famous speaker merely reading bullet points; almost always these trained and polished orators tell stories when they want to capture attention.

Getting great PR for your business is no different.

If you want to have a great, lucrative business, you must have the story.

  • How did your business start?
  • What does your business do?
  • What’s your 3-5 sentence “elevator pitch”?  (Imagine somebody asks you “what you do” and you only have an elevator ride to hash it out.)

Here are examples of my own business stories, and then I want you to write yours in this exercise.

If you haven’t launched your business yet, write the story you WILL tell once you launch!  This can be a powerful exercise in manifesting your dream business.

ELEVATOR PITCH:  (Include what you do, who you help, and your ideal customer!)

My Elevator Pitch:

I’m the founder of Moms Wear Capes.  We empower women to rise above the pressures of Supermom with tools to build a fulfilled life and business as Super Women.  We distribute those tools online at and have a thriving community on our MomsWearCapes Facebook Group where women learn how to identify their deepest passion, purpose, mission and identity and create income at-home with skills they already have.

My Business Story:

Hi, I’m Stephanie, founder of Moms Wear Capes.  You always hear women say, “oh I had these big dreams…  But then I got pregnant.”   Well, that was me, too.  I never thought it would be.  When I became a mom I felt as exhausted as I’ve ever been.  My life became an endless race on a hamster wheel to codependently nurture everybody around me while drowning in resentment.  

When my marriage fell apart, I had the opportunity to move to Austin, Texas, the country’s startup capital.  I had great connections from my years in the publishing industry, so I got in the door of a lot of really successful people.  

In Texas, I interviewed the most awesome 30 female entrepreneurs, best-selling authors, CEO’s and coaches I could find to share their secrets to balancing a fulfilled family life with a lucrative business that didn’t involve network marketing – i.e. – where corporate fat cats keep most of your commissions for themselves.

The secrets these women shared didn’t just touch my heart – they revolutionized my life and business.  We dug deep into everything from identifying your life’s mission and passion, femininity, love, sex, marriage, building a business, scaling a business, even finding mom friends.

Moms Wear Capes is a way of identifying a mother’s deepest passions, helping you harmonize the relationships in your life, and build a conscious business from home so that you have the freedom and flexibility to be the best mom to your kids.  Or, as I like to say, Moms Wear Capes is personal development and entrepreneurship course designed to help mothers take over the world.  

Moms no longer have to be the hardest working, least valued, and least paid members of society!  Make Motherhood Work For You.


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