How To Make Boring Sex Hot Again…

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Feed Mama First…

Moms Wear Capes sex expert Dr. Diane Kobrynowicz has some fascinating views on how mothers, those who do the most caring and the most work in our society, are the least valued and paid the least amount of money.

Umm… yeah we’re definitely out to change that.

One thing you’ll notice about moms is that they go from dining out in high heels to eating their toddler’s leftovers in sweatpants and Tom’s overnight.  

That doesn’t feel sexy.  

But YOU should.

Consider this:

Allowing yourself to be second-tier isn’t going to allow you to be the best woman for yourself, nor your children.

That’s why the best thing you can do for your kids is to Feed Mama First.

Maybe this is taking a bath once a week.  Perhaps it’s writing 500 words a day in a novel you’re working on.  Or maybe it’s starting your own Home-Based Business!

Here are a few questions we want you to take time to answer carefully so that you can envision the woman you WANT and deserve to be.

Once you’ve envisioned your needs and desires, begin to meditate daily on steps you can take to become the most fulfilled, confident, self-expressed superhero you can be for your kids, and for you.

Loving yourself and your body is your birthright.  Take some time today to envision who precisely you are meant to be, how you want to feel, and take steps to manifest that woman in your life by keeping your eyes fixed on her every day.


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