How To Hire An Awesome Team

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In a previous challenge, we highlighted Deborah Whitby’s stunning advice about creating more revenue in her business (from $400 to $400,000 in 14 months!) by infusing femininity into her business.

In part two of Deborah’s interview, she discusses how she used the DISC assessment tool to infuse wisdom into hiring process, and more cohesiveness among her team.

In fact, Michelle Norris of Paleo f(x) also discusses how she used the DISC assessment with one company to ascertain how to motivate her employees.  Was one employee motivated by numbers?  Another by the social engagement of the project?  Was another motivated by the ability to take responsibility and receive recognition for the results of a project?

The DISC easily helps you hire, direct, motivate, and delight your employees.

In fact, I’ve also highlighted how the DISC profile changed my personal life in this very raw blog post on my personal page:

Now, I have GREAT news.

I’ve coordinated a special Moms Wear Capes DISC professional to help you assess which DISC profile is right for you and/or your employees.

Taylor Warrick is here to support the Moms Wear Capes community with personalized assistance in finding the DISC profile for you.

She’s very well-versed in DISC and she’ll guide you to the assessment that will best help you with your needs, whether that’s:

  • A personal assessment
  • An entrepreneur’s assessment
  • A team assessment for your employees
  • Business assessments or licenses.

Best of all, I’ve arranged so that by going through Taylor, Moms Wear Capes takes NO commission from your DISC purchase.  However, we’ll have the opportunity to support another mommy!  Taylor is a boss mama in Houston of an eight-month old daughter named Grace.

Contact Taylor today at and find out which DISC profile will help you rock your business… and your personal interactions – today!

Taylor – Moms Wear Capes DISC Specialist

Contact Taylor today at


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