How To Avoid Burnout

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When Moms Wear Capes expert Sara Gustafson shared her “Kill Your Parents” worksheet, she worried that the title might be too crass.

Well, I love to throw caution to the wind so I’m sticking with it!

This exercise talks about:

  • Transforming Your Inherited Shadows
  • Stepping Into Your Loving, Authentic Self

If that all sounds a bit “woo” or weird, don’t worry.  I’ll explain it all as we go through the exercise, page by page.

Hang on tight, this is a really wild ride.

Let’s get started.

Exploring Common Conflicts

On this page, we start with you and your experiences before working back to the parent/caregiver.

Below, please list out the most common conflicts and challenges that you face in each current and past area of your life.

For instance, what feedback are you most often given (positive and negative)?

What conflicts do you face most often with your superiors or coworkers, friends, community, relationships and with yourself?; body, mind and spirit?

As an employee or entrepreneur, a friend, a member of the community, a mother, a wife/partner, and the governor of your own body and your actions/habits/behaviors….

Where do you judge yourself the most, feel judged or receive judgement?

** If you need to dive further with a professional, please do not hesitate to contact a life coach or therapist near you.

If you can, we highly recommend calling Sara Gustafson, Moms Wear Capes Holistic Health Expert.  

Contact for her direct line.

A HUGE THANK YOU to Moms Wear Capes expert

Sara Gustafson HLC, CBT, CHN

Primal Fusion Holistic Health & Performance

© 2015

Holistic Health & Mindset Coach

Founder of Women Who Raise Hell™


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