How I Got My Beauty Product Into 2 Million Homes In Under Two Years

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Rita Almusa tells us the story about how her experience with banking helped her in her business.  Because she knew money and numbers, she was able to launch a business based off her passion for skincare with no debt.  

Rita got her product into two million homes in less than two years… but it wasn’t because she stayed in banking.

It’s because she took her passion for skincare into the banking world.

Maybe it’s banking or finance.  Perhaps it’s customer support or hospitality.  Maybe it’s public speaking or acting.  It could even be hiring, firing, human resources, professional organization, or firefighting.

What are your unique skills and experiences?  This isn’t a list of what you love and hate, but it’s an exploration of what you’re uniquely trained in.

Trust that you can make ANY business more successful because of the unique skills and experience you possess, and that it translates to almost any dream business!


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