How I Built The Largest Paleo Conference

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Michelle Norris tells a heart-wrenching story on camera of her effervescent daughter Brittney passing away just before her college graduation.

From the anger, sadness, and desperation of Michelle’s state at that time, she and her husband realized that Satan would win if they didn’t turn this tragedy into a song of praise for Brittney, and for love.  

Paleo f(x), the World’s Largest Paleo Conference, was born out of this desire Michelle and Keith Norris had to build a mission-based business in the wake of their daughter’s death.

  • Have you experienced a pain or tragedy that you want to turn into a mission?
  • How can you rewrite a bad story into a love story?
  • What desperate situations have you encountered that equip you to rise from the ashes stronger and more royal than ever before?

Perhaps you had a nasty parent or spouse whose temper was so intimidating that you became a codependent.  Now you can turn that pain into a Mission to help other women find their voices in the face of an abusive parent or partner.  Maybe you HATED living in clutter and now you can help people as a professional organizer.

Perhaps you had a nasty divorce that went on for years (this isn’t me, thank God!) and now you can help other women navigate those waters.

Perhaps like Michelle you realized that life is SO short, and you want people to be as healthy as they can be for the brief moment we have on earth.  Write your mission story below!


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