Harnessing Yin & Yang Energy

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Yin & Yang.

It might sound a little “woo” to you at first.

But in today’s challenge, we’re going to siphon through the noise and finally come to terms with what yin and yang are, and why they’re critical to you shining as a mom, business owner, and woman.

First, review this chart.  (We’ll reference it more later in this challenge.)

To understand your true masculine and feminine (the yin and the yang) energy (chi), it is important to study the traits of each. By understanding these two forces, you can begin to relate.

Follow the worksheet to begin navigating your own chi balance. What is your driver? What motivates you? What do you love? What do you fear? How do your forces play with others? In family, as a parent, in relationships or with your partner?

The traits and qualities are not limited to those shown above. Be creative. Be introspective. Be honest with yourself. In many ways you can be both masculine and feminine. For example, you can be intuitive and logical. Though these two traits are opposite forces, we can keep a healthy balance of both. Feel into this and mark down what % you are of each. Then begin adding your own traits to both sides.

Do not skip ahead! It can create an unintentional, yet less truthful spin to your answers. ** Enjoy this time of introspection! **

Now, color in this circle like a pie chart showing how much of you is led by masculine chi and how much of you is lead by feminine chi.  

Total your % columns on each side, then divide by the number of items you wrote down for your estimated masculine and feminine percentages.  

Healthy masculine energy contains a balance of feminine chi, otherwise it becomes “excess masculinity”.  

The same goes for feminine energy; within all of us we carry feminine energy but need to have some of the opposing counteraction of the opposite masculine trait, otherwise we become excess feminine.

Examples of health balance and unhealthy imbalance are shown on the next page.

Now it’s your turn!


⚤ Dance like everyone’s watching ⚤

The “dance” is when two people embrace each other’s’ energy forces and adapt their own to find a balance, which creates a harmonious rhythm between you and that person or environment.

List people in your life that you may find struggles or conflicts with (past or current) and next to them, write down your perception of what

% masculine/feminine they are (ex; 80m / 20 f) and then list their two most dominating traits in the area they are in excess.

A VERY Special Thanks To:

Sara Gustafson HLC, CBT, CHN

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