Hacks To Dress For Success AND Comfort

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I first began telling people that they needed to “look the part” when I encouraged women who travel with children to make themselves more approachable with a put-together look, even on roadtrips or in the airport.  

You’ll find that when you look put-together, it makes you more approachable.

(Trust me, there are days I walk out of the house looking like a bag-lady, too!)

Shelley Riley discusses the story of a woman who got turned down for a job she wanted because of the way she dressed.

It was at that point that the woman called Shelley and vowed to dress for the life she wanted.

As mothers, it’s hard to wear high heels, nylons, pressed shirts, and other things that came naturally before motherhood.

Now we have barely enough time to workout, let alone get dolled up thereafter!

Consider you three staple outfits.

For me that’s:

Jeans and a tank top

Yoga pants and a tee-shirt

Rompers – that are comfortable enough to roll around in the park with my son in!

Now consider how you can “elevate” these three wardrobes.

When I’m in jeans and a tank, I love to wear booties with an inch or two heel.  I can still move fast, but it makes the outfit look more edgy and less “girl next door”.

When I haven’t showered and I’m coming from the gym, I elevate my yoga pants attire with loose waves at the ends of my hair.  If my clothes are chill, at least my hair looks like I’ve come to do business!

If I’m in a romper, I love to add a beautiful necklace or statement piece to the wardrobe to make it look a bit nicer.

When you take the time to do these things, you’ll feel more confident.

Plus, people naturally feel more comfortable with people who are put together.

In essence, you look like you can be trusted more.  You took the time, you made yourself up, and you look like you can handle whatever comes your way.

Today, write down three of your typical outfits and dream of how you may elevate these three outfits to remain comfortable in your clothes, but look like you came ready to play – however that looks!

The way you look DOES play into your overall confidence.

You deserve to look and FEEL your best.


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