From $400 to $400k In Only 14 Months

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Deborah Whitby shares a fascinating story on air about her plumbing business going from $400 to over $400,000 in 14 months by harnessing her greatest strengths… as well as adding a “feminine touch” to her business.

How did she bring this feminine touch to the plumbing industry?

Deborah explains that although she’s in an otherwise male-dominated niche, she brought feminine wisdom to her business by doing the following:

  • Deborah used compassion to see that a lot of the people who hired plumbers were women, often at home alone.  Therefore Deborah made sure that her plumbers were all checked out thoroughly not only for criminal records, but to make sure they’re people you’d genuinely want in your home.
  • She nurtures clients when she finds out if there are pets in the homes her plumbers approach.  She then arms them with treats and goodies for the four-legged family members!
  • Deborah makes the effort to reach out both before and after her clients get services to make sure they know they’re valued above and beyond paying an invoice.
  • Deborah values her own family, so she’s been very generous and flexible about vacation and other paid time off with her employees.  She hires people she loves to work with and doesn’t worry about them taking advantage of her flexibility.

In this exercise, consider ways you can add feminine qualities to make your business succeed even MORE financially.

Revisit the feminine qualities from Module 4, such as:

  • Patient
  • Passive
  • Introspective
  • Compassionate
  • Yielding
  • Nurturing
  • Right Brain/Intuitive
  • Creative
  • Ambivalence
  • Quality (vs. quantity)
  • Synchronicity
  • Soft

Now consider three to five ways you can bring a more feminine touch to your business.

As we learned in Module 4 with Emily Rose’s material on Manifesting Through The Feminine Energetic (which hopefully doesn’t sound like Japanese, anymore!), bringing more femininity to our business helps manifest MORE money!

This is yet another way we can take feminine qualities (even in male-dominated industries) to make our businesses flourish.


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