Feeling Cosmic Love

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Healing Past Traumas…

One of the most powerful moments we had on the Moms Wear Capes filming journey was with Sanela Osmonovic when we discussed healing past traumas that may be blocking us from living our happiest lives today.

Sanela dives deep into some of the trauma she experienced with bad habits, breakups, and coming from a wartorn country as a child.

After our initial off-camera discussion, I meditated on what could be causing me so much insecurity in my love life.

I was shocked, and tearfully explained on camera that I held trauma in my heart from the rejection of my mother always kissing my siblings to sleep at night and tucking them into bed, but not me.

It happened night after night, year after year.  Ultimately, it caused me to feel rejected, unlovable, and insecure about myself.  This manifested in crying out for attention, sometimes with dangerous habits like eating disorders, smoking, and cutting.

If you’re ready, spend some time asking your Higher Power to help you face your past life traumas.  Maybe instead of insecure, you now feel worthy of love and safe.

This can be a highly emotional and unnerving experience, so please consider emailing us at support@momswearcapes.com if you want us to help you get in touch with an expert to walk you through this process.

When you’re ready, journal some of your thoughts below.


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