Ending Shame To Receive Pure Love

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One of my favorite Moms Wear Capes moments was when Crista Beck discussed how we can overcome body shaming now that we’re moms.  Let’s face it, our boobs are different, our hips are different, even our eyes have suspicious little brown bags underneath them.

My next favorite moment was definitely when Dr. Diane Kobrynowicz pointed out how ridiculous the idea of a MILF is.  As she put it – saying that a MILF exists means that being a mother automatically excludes you from being fu*&-able!

Genius, I tell ‘ya.  But what can we do when we’re feeling shame for our bodies?

One thing to remember is that every person, not just moms, feel shame for their bodies.  This isn’t new.  The fact that you shame your body has nothing to do with motherhood – so stop blaming motherhood!

In order to really change the way we see our bodies, we have to love them no matter how they look.

This week, try to spend at least two minutes in front of the mirror every day – NAKED.

Scan your body and give thanks for every part.  I’m thankful for my toes that help me balance when I hike.  I’m thankful for my ears that let me hear my son’s sweet coos when he sleeps.  I’m thankful for my breasts that nursed and nourished my son for so many years.  I’m thankful for my mouth… you get it!  When you’re done, write down what you learned about your (beautiful) body below.

You are love!


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