Create A Business From Your Art

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When I started Moms Wear Capes, I had a business partner.

This business partner was a branding and traffic buying expert and she had MAJOR style.  I knew that she would be the perfect compliment to my introverted, bookworm ways.

About a month into the sales process for Moms Wear Capes, I lost my business partner when she had other obligations call her.

I was absolutely depressed, devastated, frustrated, and distraught.  What would I do?  I’ve already TOLD SO MANY PEOPLE about my business.

It was precisely because I had spoken aloud the vision and mission of Moms Wear Capes that I was held accountable to make it work.  

Because of my commitment to honor my spoken word a la Don Miguel Ruiz’ Four Agreements, I HAD to push forward, even though half the workload (and funding) now rested on my shoulders.

Paula Stang Stinnett discusses how saying your intentions out loud can be utterly transformational.  

Your intentions aren’t a to-do list or things that have to get “done”.  Rather, they’re more of your body feeling.  Your intention is how you want to FEEL.

When I sold the vision of Moms Wear Capes to my supporters, I showed them how it would feel when mothers were empowered to get out of the hamster wheel and start having real purpose, passion, identity, and income from home.

I FELT the joy of women opening up this workbook and transforming their lives.

I cozied up with you in your favorite armchair as you listened to the materials and even shared tears with me.

I shed tears in anticipation of how your marriage would be strengthened.  Your children would look up at you with admiration.  Your parents would think, “holy hell, we raised HER!  And she’s magnificent.”

OK Superwoman, now it’s time to write down some intentions for your business.

On the following worksheet, feel the bright lights from a stage or platform you’ll be on.  

Smell the air on a morning when you get off the subway to pitch venture capitalists.1

Taste the sushi you’ll dine on to celebrate your first big paycheck.

Feel the joy of impacting somebody’s life, home, marriage, or children for the better.

Manifest the impact you WILL make on the world.

Raise the collective consciousness and love of everybody around you.

The capacity is yours.

The calling is yours.

And the intentions are going to be set now.


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