Confidence Begins In Our Pores

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When I set Rita Almusa up to totally promote her product on camera with a question about what the most important thing is for our skin, she didn’t tell me about her incredible MintPear beauty products – although they’re phenomenal.  (Her collagen serum has been scientifically compared to have the same effect as FILLERS!)

Rather, she admitted that aside from an awesome, conscious, cruelty, sulfate, preservative free makeup line, we need to hydrate.

I got so in the flow of my life that I constantly have to force myself to drink water.

Sometimes, I go so long without drinking anything but coffee that my lips begin to get dry and I don’t feel like I can blink for how dehydrated I am.

For today’s challenge, I want you to drink 8 glasses of water.  It’s not that much if you set timers and aim for one glass every ninety minutes.

After today, consider how you felt.  Did you have more energy?  Sometimes being dehydrated can make us feel groggy!

Did you eat less?

Many people find that the lose weight when they drink more water because they often eat when they’re really just thirsty!

If you like the results you see today, wait until you see what happens after a few days!

You’ll have better bowel movements because water significantly aids with digestion. This equates to better passing of toxins and even weight loss.

Water is incredibly cleansing.  Did you notice after a week of awesome water consumption that you have clearer skin?

You may look more alive, more bright, and your face may begin to glow a bit more.

Try to just have 8 glasses of water for one single day.

If you find that you make it through one, try to make this a lifelong habit to benefit your energy levels, weight loss, digestion, and overall beauty.

You’re gorgeous!


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