Building Your Own Sacred Mom Tribe

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You may have heard that it takes a village to raise a child.

Well we here at Moms Wear Capes believe that it also takes a village to raise a MOM.

In today’s video with Maruxa Murphy we ponder, “what if every new mom was embraced… when we’re feeling desperately lonely, isolated, and under-stimulated?”  

Maruxa adds, “what would happen is we would all show up with our liveliness because we know we have people that have our back…”

Mamas Need Tribes

Now that you’ve completed the first 49 days of your Superwoman Blueprint, you’ve almost made it to the ultimate honor: a Moms Wear Capes Certified Tribe Leader!

Today’s challenge is to contact and let them know to look in your members area to see that you’ve completed your Superwoman Blueprint.

We’ll then send you your Moms Wear Capes Tribe Leader certificate in the mail.

We encourage you to hang it on your wall where you’ll see it daily.  You should be SO proud of yourself!  We are!

Consider forming a Moms Wear Capes tribe in your neighborhood, town, church, or for your city on Facebook.  You can even coordinate Moms Wear Capes meetups to help encourage other women in your area!

Maruxa Murphy started the Austin Moms Network because she was lonely in Austin when she moved from Florida.  As of today, it hosts 11,000 moms and helps women find jobs, sitters, daycares, free goodies, and support through breakups and divorces, deaths of loved ones, and even when mamas need a place to vent about their son’s getting stood up for prom!

Our commitment to YOUR tribe is to provide 24/7 access to our email support team to help you start your local Moms Wear Capes tribe.

When we mail you your certificate, you’ll also get a sheet of instructions with suggestions on how you can start your Moms Wear Capes Tribe in your area.

Contact us today at so we can work TOGETHER on helping build your mama tribe.

You deserve a tribe of women to support you, and after completing your Superwoman Blueprint, that tribe deserves a leader like you.

We love you.


~ Moms Wear Capes


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