Brand Yourself Like A Rockstar

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When I saw Rachel Green’s accolades in Austin Texas, I knew I *had* to meet her and find out her secret.

She started her business Brand U as a single mom and kicked off many subsequent businesses as a mother in a blended family.

She was rocking her business, owning her power, and doing it all with a large blended family.  BOSS!

We all know that we need to have a strong brand, and Rachel has made creating strong brands her business.  When she kicked off her career, she represented just about every sports team in Chicago.  The Bulls, The Blackhawks, and even The Chicago Sky (yay WNBA women!)

Not only does Rachel have this killer resume full of sexy celebrities, she was recently the Viewer’s Choice winner for Entrepreneur of the Year in Austin Monthly and 50 On Fire for Austin Inno.  She’s worked with Google and Dell.  She has even been seen in Windy City, on NBC and ABC, Forbes and Crains.

But I had to know – besides being accomplished – how did she do it?  

Rachel’s answer was simple:

  • It wasn’t overnight success.  Anybody who tells you it can be is selling something.
  • I’m an avid reader: articles, books.  I absorb the information I need to take the next step.
  • If you’re launching a business, go to the mirror.  Give yourself a big Hoo-Rah for taking that step in faith.  Be Your Biggest Cheerleader.


  • ASK.  Don’t just ask for babysitters.  Ask for help; social media help, apps, and people who can help you bend time so you can spend more time with your kids!


Today’s challenge is simple.

We want you to think about something you can leverage or delegate in order to spend more time with your children.

Perhaps you don’t want to be glued to social media.  Find somebody to help manage that.

Perhaps you don’t love web design but you need a new site.  Find somebody to revamp yours.

Use this exercise to ask for something from somebody that’s really going to leverage your time and money.

I like to call this “bending time”, because you can manage more things with less hours.

I bend time by utilizing my amazing Marketing Assistant Ana to help me think big thoughts on my whiteboard and they lay the foundations for projects before I take them over.  She’s an angel!

How can you leverage your precious time by asking for help?  Do you have money or would you be better suited hiring an intern for free?  (They’re out there!  Check universities and moms’ networks on Facebook!)

I hired a phenomenal web development team with NO money to start my business by contracting them to share in profits upon launch.

In fact, I had a team of ten people help me launch Moms Wear Capes for FREE.  This is a way I was able to bend time, leverage my resources, and get the help I needed.

They don’t normally work for free, I had to ASK.

Find somebody you need help from and have the courage to ask.

I’ll leave space for three to five people on your list.

But for the sake of this challenge, really just hone in on one valuable person for your team.

Go get ‘em Lioness Mama!

I’m Going To ASK For Help…</span


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