Birth A Business From Your Wounds

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Kelly Ernst shares with the Moms Wear Capes audience the inspiring story of how she started ReDenim Jeans from her deep wounds after having purchased designer jeans and then growing out of them quickly.

Having worked around hundreds of entrepreneurs for many years, I’ve found that the most financially profitable businesses are NOT the ones that are formed merely to make a buck, but the ones that meet a wounded audience.

Moms Wear Capes was founded to help hurting mothers find identity, purpose, passion, and mission in motherhood by starting a conscious business.

Rita Almusa started MintPear beauty products to help women feel comfortable in their skin.

Jessica Oxner started Divergent Swimwear to take the stress out of bathing suit shopping.

Ellen Smoak speaks to women going through breakups.

Emily Rose helps women create more money from a place of feminine power.

I could go on and on and on… but instead I’ll just leave you to watch the full interviews at instead!

For today’s exercise, I encourage you to consider your strengths and how you can best use those gifts to lift up others.

I’m an awesome:

  • Networker.  I’m great at helping people find work, nannies, daycares, jobs, friends, lovers, contract gigs, and outsourced labor.
  • Writer.  This helps me communicate for myself and others in business with efficiency and artfulness.
  • Fitness buff!  I’ve helped SO MANY of my friends find satisfying healthy eating plans, fitness regimens that require no equipment, and postpartum body recovery routines.  I have written over a dozen cookbooks and once ran a holistic weight loss company that blessed people looking to infuse their bodies and lives with healthfullness and amazing energy.

What are your unique gifts – and how can you give them to help others.  (While charging, of course!)

Write them below.


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