Being Selective About Your Space

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Have you ever kept a friend around for the wrong reasons?

I impulsively and consistently find myself attracted to the best-looking or most exciting men and women, only to find myself wanting to run out of the room when we find time alone.

  • Negativity
  • Judgmentalism
  • Irresponsibility
  • Selfishness

These are just a few things I don’t want or need in my life.

I remember making a friend this year who couldn’t stop talking about other people.

I hired her on in my business to help out with some marketing and, sure enough, that same negative energy pervaded her work style and she caused me a TON of work and heartache.

When I hear the phrase “guard your heart”, I think it may be one of the most misused and valuable phrases in the world.

Your energy and time are SO precious.

Your space is like the kingdom of heaven and you’re a goddess.

Don’t allow just anybody into that precious space or time.

Our hours on earth are limited, but we can extend and bless those few hours with selectivity around friendships and lovers.

In today’s video clip, Crista Beck discusses her thoughts around dating apps and it got me thinking about how we need to be just as selective with FRIENDS as we do with men.

In fact, I am very selective about seeing my own family members who are full of negativity.

Life is short, ain’t nobody got time for that.

Surrounding Myself With Rocks…

In today’s exercise, I’m going to take an honest look at the relationships in my life and consider their merit to my Muse, my Mission, my Family, and my eternal purpose.

Once finished with this exercise, I commit to respectfully separating myself from those who are not in my life to serve my highest good.

I know that I am the sum of those around whom I’m surrounded.  I allow this exercise to help me elevate my social groups, and even family relationships.

As I write down this list, I’m creating my intentions for people who are going to shine alongside me, not dull my light.

Higher power, give me strength to make hard decisions to cut negative people out of my life where need be and the provision to make the sacrifices that may require.

Good luck, mama!  You’re SO BRAVE for doing this and we believe in you.  xoxo


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