Beat A Broken Heart Before It Beats You

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Bestselling author and relationship coach Ellen Smoak discusses how we can take past and present heartbreaks and turn them into personal power.  Part of her gift is storytelling, and she encourages us to rewrite our personal love stories.

Many of our stories have self-limiting beliefs.  We believe that our lives are full of pain.  We believe that our relationship or partner is doomed.

But one of the tools Ellen uses is to rewrite their stories.  For instance:

  • I am compassionate because I experienced x.
  • I am intuitive and insightful because I experienced x.  
  • I can protect myself and take care of myself because I experienced x.


Life isn’t happening to you, it’s happening for you.

Look back at any parent, child, relationship, or event that has happened and rewrite the pain story into a story that supercharges you into your personal power.


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