5-Minute Fatburning Anywhere

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As you’ve seen in my videos over the past 50 days, I’m really into working out.

Yep, Madonna arms are totally my thing and I’m not ashamed.

In this video, you will learn about how to warm up and workout at-home with some example exercises from Moderna Muse.

In the MomsWearCapes Members’ Area, we’ll have more complete workouts by Shannon and Rashanna that you can try at home.

But for today’s challenge, I want you to assess your own fitness happiness levels.

Many people look at beauty and fitness in terms of what they DON’T like about themselves.

Their thighs.

Their feet.

Their big ears.  (Guilty)

But how often do you take the time to praise the work you’ve done?

Take a few minutes to praise you body and the work you’ve done to stay strong, healthy, and beautiful below.

Perhaps beauty is skin deep, but fitness improves your ability to let your soul inhabit this world longer for the ones you love.


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